The Overlake School champions students and their vast potential through engaging educational experiences in a diverse and inclusive community. Students are valued as multifaceted individuals and graduate with a passion for learning, ready for any path that contributes to a better world.


The Overlake School will exemplify a student-centered education and a collaborative learning environment that connects to the broader world. We will cultivate a community rooted in equity and mutual respect with our diverse population of families, and we will be known for a definition of human success that includes learning, 的关系, 幸福, 和目的.

girls smiling with yard tools

Appreciating the experiences of others and drawing upon empathy to express care and support for oneself and others

a girl doing a science experiment

A journey of inquiry which includes an openness to exploring new possibilities and different perspectives, 承担风险, and engaging with the unknown


Exhibiting honesty and consistently acting according to one’s own values while taking responsibility for the impact of one’s words and actions

包容 & 股本
a group of girls playing together
包容 & 股本

The active and intentional process of creating and maintaining a school culture that is welcoming and affirming to all. The means by which we build an inclusive community and strive to examine biases, 消除体制障碍, and interrupt inequitable practices

a group of rugby players in the field

Acknowledging and embracing the dignity of oneself and others in the service of fostering a healthy community


聚在一起, is Overlake’s pathway forward, and the work we’ll do in the coming years to enhance our program and the people involved with it. This strategic plan includes four specific strategies that focus our work on the people in our community; they are Well-being, 吸引 & 保留、多元化、公平 & 包容, and MG游戏APP.


How does student achievement and 幸福 coexist at Overlake? That's the foundation of the research taking place to assess how Overlakers can continue to achieve success in their school life without sacrificing their physical, 精神, 情感健康. This pillar of our strategic plan will dig into ways to achieve such balance and harmony for the betterment of our students now and in their futures.

吸引 & 保留

People are at the core of any school culture and exceptional people create a vibrant and exceptional school. The goal for the work in this pillar is to identify, 开发, and foster positive culture and engagement practices for Overlake that lead to higher employee retention and greater employee engagement. 

多样性、股票 & 包容

The ability for students to learn in a diverse school community, specifically in ethnoracial and socioeconomic diversity, provides for a richer educational experience for all students. This pillar will focus on growing our employees’ and students’ cultural competency through intentional professional 开发ment and curricula. Our work also focuses on retaining and supporting a diverse student body and family community through equitable and inclusive admission processes.


How you think and talk about your school matters. Having a unified mission and vision will ensure we are providing the best depiction of Overlake to our community, 现在和未来. Our work here begins with clarifying our mission, 创造愿景, and communicating who we are through the lens of our exceptional graduates.